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A long-term sustainable competitive advantage


Since inception we have approached our projects as long-term partners, differentiating us from developers that exit projects at NTP or COD. We create value for project equity holders by designing, constructing, and operating the solar power plants to maximize long-term performance and returns, rather than maximizing up-front development fees.

While most of our competitors focus on only a single segment of the renewable energy value chain, our expertise at every stage makes us highly competitive on cost management and volume of business. Our in-house development, permitting, engineering and construction expertise means that we can finish turnkey solar projects in an efficient and timely manner.

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We employ an all-encompassing team of solar-savvy individuals to conduct site origination. Our origination team covers in-depth local renewable policy and regulation review, GIS studies in real estate and utility infrastructure, land control contract agreements and managing long-term relationships with landlords, municipalities, and all stakeholders of each project.

Site acquisition and relationships are the fundamental element during the development process. We lease rooftops or lease/purchase land for the duration of the contract term, providing landlords with steady, long-term rent with no upfront investment requirement.


We are experienced in working with local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to cover site plan approval, zoning applications, and building permits. Environmental review, grid interconnection, tax treatment, incentives and power purchase arrangement are all part of our know-how to ensure a higher successful rate to reduce project cost and enhance project profitability.


We developed long-term reliable relationships over the last 10 years with various financing sources to have a solar project financed, whether in the form of sponsor equity, investment tax credit, long-term debt, or construction financing. The Company is becoming an Independent Power Producer (IPP) going forward and will provide its sponsor equity contribution from its operating income and future financings.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

As a licenced engineering consulting firm in Ontario, Canada, our in-house engineering teams ensure industry best practices are utilized through each phase of the solar project from origination to asset management. We employ in-house procurement specialists and project managers to monitor and maintain the economic viability of each project. In addition to our core team of engineers, we also work with local engineering firms and construction partners to leverage their local resources and expertise in order to build each and every solar power plant in a safe, reliable, and low-cost manner.

Operations & Maintenance and Asset Management

As ongoing monitoring and maintenance is of the highest priority, we endeavour to oversee each project throughout its lifetime, including 24/7 monitoring, data analysis, and project performance review. We utilize advanced technologies in managing each project on an individual basis. Our preventative maintenance activities and emergency response team deploy electronic management system to gain virtual exposure into each project at any time, which always safeguards the highest levels of project output. Financial analysis, reporting and management are all being done in-house by an experienced management team, including chartered accountants and finance professionals.

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